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Michael Gilbert

Currently Curator/ Director of Passport to the Arts Photography Program for Waldorf Astoria. It features two classes per week each half day sessions on the Art of Photography and includes guided walks and every student pints their own 18x24 inch print on a media of their choice. I maintain only my Paris Studio but my Commissioned portrait business is only a fraction of what it used to me. I pretty much focus and have been for the last six years on the Fine Art Market. Each semester currently i teach at Pacific New Media at the University of Hawaii at Monoa. Over the last five years i have given a platform and master class at wppi topic is Selling your photography in the Fine Art Market. This years 2016 program was called shoot your way to a million. Im scheduled to be there again in 2017. So guess its safe to say I'm totally out of most of my old business but the change to Fine Art has simply for me been amazing. I consider myself and always have a portrait photographer and still have no web page. I just have a Facebook page called Michael Gilbert Fine ART